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Laptop Grants

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About Our Laptop Grants:

Children with CF were placed in the high-risk group at the start of the pandemic and were required to shield. This meant parents were unable to work and siblings were unable to attend school even when others started to return.

As all children return to lockdown for the third time many children with CF still do not have their own device to access online schooling.

Here at the CF Holiday Fund, unable to run our usual programmes, we have focused on key areas of need in our community. Laptops are essential not only for education but for online exercise classes, virtual clinic appointments (which avoid hospital visits), and socialization.

The budget for our laptop grant is as follows:

  • 0-5 years old maximum of £150 – usually a tablet
  • 5-7 years old maximum of £200 – basic small laptop
  • 8– 18 years old maximum of £250 – basic standard size laptop


You must:

  • Be the parent of a child with CF or a young person, 18 or under with CF.
  • Be unable to afford the item yourself.

How to Apply:

  1. Send an email to info@cfholidayfund.org.uk with the subject line ‘Application for a Laptop Grant’ and explain why you need a laptop.
  2. We will send you an email with a few questions to complete and send back to us, this will include details of your CF team.
  3. Once we have verified your application with your team you will be put forward for consideration.
  4. We aim to process all grants as quickly as possible and have completed purchases in the same day as they are received in some cases.
  5. The CF Holiday Fund team will source, order, pay and arrange the delivery of the laptop/tablet to your door.


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Siblings online

My children have thoroughly enjoyed having the laptops. Especially having one each which has been bliss and no arguments. R completed his schoolwork on his and M has been practising her phonics on hers. Lockdown has been extremely challenging for us as a family and trying to keep the kids entertained through this epidemic has been hard. We was grateful for the opportunity to receive the laptops.

The laptop is a massive help, we’ve been shielding, for the second time, since late October so A has been remote learning. Her laptop broke and so to be given a chrome book was perfect! We don’t know how long we’ll have to continue to shield for so having this chrome book is just brilliant. It’ll also be great for hospital admissions so she can continue to do her schoolwork and also to keep her entertained.

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Help when shielding

Application from a youth worker for a 16-year-old boy with CF who desperately needed a laptop for online schooling. After receiving the laptop his keyworker told us that as well as school he was 'using his laptop to help him find a part-time job and look at how to write a CV. He is also able to participate in the Prince’s Trust online sessions.

Working hard

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Beautiful thank you

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E has been through a lot in the past year dealing with infections, hospital stays, a peg feed fitted now being tested for CF Related Diabetes (CFRD).’ Said mum. Both parents have needed to take lots of time off work to care for her needs. Mum told us that she was having a hard time with her school work as the whole family had to share 1 laptop which was also used for dad to be able to work from home.

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Million Dollar Smile

I just wanted to let you know that we received the laptop you bought for R. Thank you so much for making her very happy at these uncertain times. You really put a big smile on her face today, it means a lot for all of us. Thank you for your amazing support.

Hello I just want to say a huge Thank you, J received his laptop from the CFHF yesterday and we are very grateful! J been using my phone for his zoom lessons and schoolwork which was hard to share between both me and him, J can now do his own remote learning with no interruptions and save all his work with no worry of it getting lost, and be able to visibly see the teachers like all his other friends, Thank you so much!

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